I’m Working On It


The endlessly beautiful Rocky Mountains

I don’t know if it’s the fresh spring air but…..I really missed blogging. Like blogging on my old blog type blogging. That tiny seed of an idea that suddenly pops into your head and you can’t do anything until you make it grow. THAT. After some sage counsel it was brought to my attention that I was pushing away some of the things I love and enjoy. Blogging was something that I pushed aside big time during my move, and I always felt that something was missing. It was the outlet of being creative. Designing and planning content. Wow. I missed it all so much.

Initially I was going to just blog on here with a ‘no frills’ approach. But now I realise that blogging was something I was really good at and loved to do. I don’t think I ever really fell out of love with it. There are so many endless possibilities that can come from blogging. From the success of my last blog I felt that it became part of my identity in some way. People would be interested and talk to me about it.

In a previous post I had talked about writing a book. Well I am still attempting that, but the more I write that the more I want to keep writing here.

So why not write both?



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